In the summer of 2016 we were proud to be the official photographers for Lesley and Martyn.
The wedding took place in the Sandbanks Hotel, Dorset.

On arrival we set up to photograph the guests arrival after they had settled into their rooms and made their way to the bar. Smiles were all round as friends and relatives met up and chatted. 

The ceremony was gorgeous, Martyn beemed a huge smile as Lesley walked down the aisle aided by her dear father.

For the group photos we used the beach… That’s Bournemouth beach… Middle of the summer. We achieved this by myself sitting on the wall of the hotel, and the bride and groom assembling on the beach with the guests.
I knew that I would be able to Photoshop out all of the holiday makers on the beach so it was all good!

More Photoshop skills were required later as Lesley and Martyn are keen windsurfers, and they wanted a photo of them actually out to sea surfing together on one board!
So… I photographed them on the edge of the sea, together on the board. This way they can both keep dry.
Another photo was taken of the sea, then I was able to merge both photos making it look as if they were actually surfing!